Google Certificates

When a fresh Google Certificate arrives, you better believe they go all out and create a video to announce it, and we help them build one. How? By featuring actual cybersecurity teachers actively involved in the program, complemented by dynamic motion elements that add an extra layer of engagement. The objective was clear: to inform, entertain, and ignite the interest of prospective Cybersecurity experts, encouraging them to enroll in the program and become protectors of the internet.


Client: Google Career Certificates
Agency: Roc Noir
Directed by Crumb Producer: Aleksandra Pavlovic
Creative Direction: Stanko Stupar
Storyboard: Stanko Stupar
Design: Ljubomir Debeljacki, Sergej Tucakov, Stanko Stupar
Animation: Marko Milosevic, Stevan Djakovic, Stanko Stupar Music & Sound Design: Alexander Maslyuk