Pixel 4a

Once more, we were delighted to partner up with Roc Noir and Retail Training by Google to create short intro series about the set of entertainment features that Pixel 4a packs. We helped them visualize a little neat formula for a successful Pixel phone, which goes something like this: p4a = photos + power + protection + price + assistant. The first video is about storing, finding, and sharing memories with Pixel’s Camera and Photos.

“Hey, Google…”

Battery, it goes from breakfast to bed.

A good phone should keep you and your data safe.

A Brief Introduction.

Client: Retail Training by Google
Agency: Roc Noir
Directed by Crumb

Creative Direction: Stanko Stupar
Storyboard: Stanko Stupar, Jelena Vasiljevic
Design: Ljubomir Debeljacki, Jelena Vasiljevic
Animation: Marko Milosevic, Stevan Djakovic, Dunja Krasic, Stanko Stupar, Ivan Stojkovic
3D: Boris Bogosavljevic, Vladimir Djukic
Music & Sound Design: Alexander Maslyuk